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Through Young Leadership Development Program, Pastor John Wambura mobilized Mennonite youths, graduates of various disciplines with a passion to create social, economic and ecological impact, to register this NGO as a vessel to reach out the target group and through capacity building, to support them to improve their spiritual and social-economic livelihoods.

We believe that through serving leadership mentality, individuals, groups and communities if well facilitated can address their developmental issues in a way that will improve their livelihoods.


To our targeted beneficiaries increase the availability of information, advice, and guidance on leadership, governance, and social-economic challenges that affect the children, less-fortunate children, boys, girls, youth, women, widows, and communities.

To create a platform for dialogues and dissemination of data and information, knowledge and skills related to spirituality, investments, production, trade, and holistic development; through the facilitation of such events as trainings, conferences, meetings, symposia, and workshops.

To enhance awareness of individuals, groups, and communities in target locations on the importance of entrepreneurial and micro-financing skills to create their own sources of capital such as Community Microfinance Groups (CMG), and any other financial schemes or access to any available capital and creatively and innovatively start their own income generation ventures and investments.

To promote Entrepreneurial Development Services (skills, technology, and knowledge) to nurture entrepreneurship development, micro-financing, Business management, agriculture (crops and animal husbandry), and skills development in arts and crafts work, decoration, batiks and tie and die, food processing and packaging for entrepreneurs especially youths, women and vulnerable groups, for their capacity building and innovation.

To advocate individuals, groups, and communities to promote peace, justice and reconciliation, interdependence and unity, to end gender-based violence and harmful traditional practices, and to further their development initiatives.

To support secular and non-secular education Programs in the establishment of study groups, cell groups, and schools from kindergarten, primary, secondary, colleges, universities, and technical vocational colleges for the betterment and enhancement of skills and knowledge among the people.

To build the capacity of our targeted beneficiaries on development issues like planning, implementation, management and operation, Organizational Development (OD), project monitoring and evaluation, proposal writing, business plan writing, Project management tools, entrepreneurship, Leadership, and good governance in order to become responsible to manage their own decisions, structures, and resources.

To support our community development beneficiaries to understand, interpret, and practically implement activities to realize the Sustainable Development Goals.

To support the learning process of our beneficiary communities and individuals to improve their livelihood through environment care, agriculture, animal husbandry, and small industry, and to increase the availability and access to safe and clean water and sanitation.

To Invest the money of the NGO not immediately required for its purpose in or upon such investments, securities or property as may be thought fit, subject to such conditions and such consents, as may for the time being be imposed or required by the law.


EQUIP FOR CHANGE (EFC) is a Non-Governmental Organization founded by Young Serving Leaders, established in 2016 in Tanzania and registered in September 7, 2021 and given the registration number 00NGO/R/2239 under The Non-Governmental Organizations Act No. 24 of 2002 and chaired by Pastor John Wambura as its Executive Director. EFC is empowered to create the SEE impact: The social, economical and political impact through its esteemed range of services.


Founders Young Serving Leaders, Mennonites.
Name (Acronym): Equip For Change (EfC)
Executive Director Pastor John Wambura
Board Chairperson Doroth Christopher Ndege
Established: 2016
Registered September 07, 2021
REG No: 00NGO/R/2239
REG Act Act No. 24 of 2002